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Excelsior Jet

Used in
Ghost Clients

Excelsior JET is a complete implementation of the Java and ESE Software uses Excelsior Jet to distribute Ghost Trader, Ghost Office and Ghost Dealer applications.

Excelsior provides high performance, spec-compliant Java™ SE platform implementations for desktop, server, and embedded environments, and consulting services.

Excelsior JET enables you to distribute and deploy your Java™ applications as optimized native executables that start and work faster, do not depend on the JRE, and are as difficult to reverse engineer as if they were written in C++.


Database used in HTS
and Portal Management

PostgreSQL is an object-relational database system which ESE Software uses in HTS, asset and portal management services to keep transactions in a safe and reliable environment. ESE Software has been testing and using PostgreSQL since it's been founded and advises as a reliable, safe and performance optimized database system.


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