About ESE Software

since 2009

Who we are

ESE Software founded in 2007 by financial markets professionals and experts in software development. These partners bring over 30 combined years of experience to the company directly to support financial markets service providers with top of the line software products. Headquartered in Istanbul, We have a team of management science and computer science engineers, who are striving for continual improvement in the development and maintenance of the best software solutions for individual and institutional clients.

We have launched an on-line trading system, Ghost Trader, with an integrated back-office (Ghost Office), risk management (Ghost Dealer) and interfaces on 14th Feb, 2009.

Ghost System is designed for financial institutions dealing with Foreign Exchange, CFDs, and Futures and OTC Options. This is one of the most reliable trading software in the industry offering fast execution, secure connection and enhanced user security. We focused to develop an environment independent software which is able to work with databases such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL; server operating systems such as OS Linux, OS Windows. We have added HTS (Hosted Trading Service) service in to our service scale in 2011. HTS is a service which we provide a cloud solution to small-medium sized financial firms for derivatives market.

By the year 2012, Algorithm trading modules were added under the scale of Ghost System. The whole project was monitored, financed and supported by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. In 2013, we have added education, integration and custom development support services for asset, configuration management software of IBM Maximo. We have added a portal management service for a dynamic content as corporate solutions. By this, we are providing full scale solutions to firms, specifically for financial firms.

Briefly, providing end user products for firms is short-term and incomplete solution. Thus, we believe in total management where its solutions and products will help your business grow as you have planned. We understand that creating the best solutions requires utilizing the expertise in the latest available information technologies and innovations.