Ghost Trader

Ghost Trader is multiple thread trading platform which is able to offer any commodity in the derivative markets. You may take a look available functions. You can enjoy of trading Foreign Exchange, CFDs, Futures and OTC Options.

  • Secure connection and enhanced user security
  • Confirmation tools such as email or notification for executions and any other request
  • Hedging tools for individual traders, being long and short at the same time according to strategies
  • Fast and reliable execution
  • Common order types to follow up markets
  • Holding different currency balances
  • Customized Reporting Modules
  • Multiple OS (Operating System Independent); MS Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac Os

Fast execution and accurate pricing are keys to the success of a trader

Ghost Trader FX & Forward

  • Risk-grouped for base currency pair
  • Streaming forward prices with instant execution
  • Margin off-set for spot and forward positions
  • Span margin application for different OTC products

Ghost Trader Future & Options

  • Future Contracts under any exchange
  • Streaming electronic price for futures
  • Margin flexibility or finance for CFDs contracts
  • Adapter to local exchange currencies and commissions
  • Span margin application
  • Inter / Intra span margin application between FX, Future or CFDs
  • Interest payment or charge for account excess

Ghost Equities

  • On-exchange equities
  • CFDs quoted equities
  • Flexible margin applications
  • Span margin application between FX, Future or CFDs

Please see some of the modules and tool-tips about

  • Drag and Drop to sort any pair
  • Right click, "Add / Remove Parity" to select pairs which you want to see on screen
  • Right click on any column to select columns which you want to see
  • Right click, edit, adjust font size for screen
  • By right click, add any currency pair or future contract into Quick Trading section to use fast execution facility
  • Right click on "Quick Amount buttons" on any pair, then set default amounts for "Quick amounts"
  • Right click on "Quick Amount buttons" on any pair, then set default incremental amount for your mouse spinner
  • Right click on "quick trading" and switch to "Extended View", then use 3. quick amount button
  • Right click on "quick trading" and switch to "Extended View", then use "Bid" or "Offer" to place a market-limit order
Place a market-limit order at a specific price, either system executes your order from the price or place a working limit order, By this you describe a max deviation for your market orders
  • Right click, "Apply FIFO" offset all open positions regarding to FIFO rule
  • Select 2 or more open positions which are offsetting to 0 in total, right click then "Close By" to offset them
  • Right click, then different view options to group open positions
  • Right click, then "Edit" to add / change or remove "Take profit" and "Stop Loss" levels on a open position
"Close at market" closes the selected open position with market price with one click, if you have removed confirmation messages from settings
  • Settings, Layout, Save or Save as to keep your custom layout
  • Settings, Load Fabrique returns to default layout which comes with installation
  • Settings, Remove Confirmation Messages to remove second confirmation for transaction
  • Settings, Languages to change to other available languages, re-login is required
Removing confirmation messages creates a single click transaction risk, you may end up with an unplanned financial risk

Minimum system requirements to run Ghost Trader in your trading environment:

  • 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
  • 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
  • 250MB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 500MB (64-bit)
  • Internet access, 2 Mbit b/w
  • 1024x768 screen resolution

Latest version of Ghost Trader is downloadable.

Please visit download section for older versions or other available services / products

  • Download latest version of Ghost Trader
  • Install it via following the instructions
  • Click to "Demo" server on login page
  • Click to "Create a Demo Account" link at left-bottom corner of login page
  • You will be directed to a new page which asks your "Name", "E-mail", complete them
  • No need to edit "Company ID" or "server", if you are not sure what you are doing
  • System will automatically create a demo account
  • A popup will be prompt which shows your credentials, you may record them somewhere safe to use in another computer
  • You will be directed to login page with those credentials
Demo account will automatically be funded and ready to be trade

If you want to have a customized demo account you may fill the custom demo account form. Our sales team informs you about your demo account details soon. You can ask for different options in a large scale from closure modes to commission or IB rebates